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The Man Made Diamond Alternative
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Our Stones
Eco Diamonds' stones are the finest and most accurate diamond simulants in the world. Tremendous research and recent advances in technology have created a gemstone of such fine quality that only trained experts are able to tell the difference. Eco Diamonds simulants possess a hardness of 8.5 on the MOHS scale-similar in durability, a D-E in color, and clarity of IF (Internally Flawless) and cut to the same ideal proportions as a natural diamond.

Global Gem Labs
At Eco Diamonds, customer satisfaction and confidence is the most important aspect of our business. That is why we are proud to offer independent grading certificates for our rings from the Global Gemological Laboratory. GGL is widely recognized as one of the world's premier scientific diamond grading laboratories. GGL provides unbiased diamond grading reports and appraisals for cutters, importers, wholesalers and jewelers (Morgan Jewelers, Fred Meyer, Jareds, Kay Jewelers, Sams Club) throughout the United States. With state of the art gemological equipment and a staff of distinguished gemologists and appraisers, GGL is establishing elite standards in the world of diamond grading reports and appraisal.

Identifcation Card
Just as with most major jewelry stores, every Eco Diamonds ring comes with a complimentary Global Gemological Laboratory Identification Card. This card provides our customers with a brief, unbiased report outlining the science Eco Diamonds uses to create our stones.
Grading Report
If you would like a detailed grading report on your ring, we offer the additional option to send your ring to GGL to identify grade the clarity, cut, color and carat size of our diamond simulant and the precious metal used.       ($59)

Note: It can add an additional week of transit time to have your ring to be independently graded.
Grading Report for Giovanni
A League of Their Own: GIA Diamond Graded Quality
Our new cut of stones are truly a cut above the rest. They are the first in the world to faithfully adhere to the Gemological Institute of America's comprehensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality. The GIA's test methods, including sophisticated computer modeling, confirm that the level of brilliance in Eco Diamonds cut equals that of the highest quality diamond, placing this new cut in a class of its own.

Created with cutting-edge technology in a laboratory, these man made gemstones are a high grade replacement for a diamond. The gemstone is created with an incredible amount of heat, purging any impurities. Only the top 10% of stones are selected to be cut by European diamond craftsmen, who then use the same precision tools as used to cut fine diamonds to create our high end diamond simulants. The sophisticated and enormously expensive jewelry cutting tools create an optimal diamond cut that perfectly aligns the facets of the stone for maximum light refraction. Hence with this high degree of perfection, each stone is guaranteed to retain its flawless fire for a lifetime and satisfies the world's most demanding social and environmental standards. Can a mined diamond match our warranty - a replacement, no questions asked, even if the stone is lost?

The New Forever

Eco Diamonds stones are the finest and most accurate diamond simulants in the world. Tremendous research and recent advances in technology have created a gemstone of such fine quality that only trained experts are able to tell the difference. They are truly luxury redefined.

The trends are changing. Marketing experts have found that a growing number of women no longer base their value on whether stones come from the ground or are man-made. Unlike the previously inexpensive and poorly cut stones on the market, these new gemstones simulate the look of a diamond so effectively that many women have begun to see very few advantages to mined diamonds. That is why the popularity of diamond simulants are steadily rising. More women can get the same look and feel of expensive diamonds--without the exorbitant price tag. These days, if you see a 1.5 carat or more stone on a young woman's finger, chances are it's not a mined diamond. She is most likely wearing a diamond simulant in a high quality setting.

Therefore at Eco Diamonds we believe that in order for a stone to look and act like a diamond, it must be set in only the highest setting. That's why we only carry settings that the premier jewelry stores carry. Nothing is simply plated, and nothing is less than 14K gold, platinum or palladium. This is our promise to you. You will get the finest diamond alternative in the only the finest setting.

It's what we like to call Affordable Luxury.

Our Belief

At Eco Diamonds, we believe that all women should be able to own high end jewelry--without the exorbitant price tag or ethical and environmental conflict.

We believe diamonds and diamond simulants both provide the same ultimate goal in fashion: to sparkle, to be beautiful and to adorn a woman's hand with grace and style.

We believe that if our diamond simulants look and act like diamonds, (with only trained eyes being able to tell the difference) why buy a costly diamond?

We believe in affordable luxury.

We believe it is important for diamond simulants perform exactly the same as a diamond. That is why our gemstones are certified to be the most accurate diamond replicas in the world.

We believe in surpassing old stereotypes and embracing modern ideas and technology.

Whoever says a diamond is forever has not seen Eco Diamonds.

We are the new forever.

Welcome to Eco Diamonds: The Affordable Alternative to Diamonds


In the past, diamond simulants have been poorly cut and of such low quality that they would not be able to pass for a diamond. Nearly all women own pieces of jewelry which fall into this category. Although beautiful, they could never individually pass for a diamond in an engagement or wedding ring. However, new technology has created an exciting new facet to diamond alternatives, and women's use of these man-made gemstones continues to grow rapidly. Much of this growth is because these stones are consistently being recognized for their beauty and affordability. With these new gemstones being so accurate, many women now see very few advantages to mined diamonds.

Eco Diamonds believes in surpassing old stereotypes and embracing modern ideas and technology. Some may still think of the archaic phrase "a diamond is forever."

Our response? We are the new forever.

Confused with the terms synthetic, simulated, lab created, man made?
We know all the ins and outs of the industry.
Give us a call at 1.888.ONTO.ECO, and we can help clear up all the confusion.


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