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diamond engagement rings The movie Blood Diamonds exposed the harsh reality about the diamonds that were extracted from an almost slave labor, smuggled and illegitimately traded to finance armaments of warring parties somewhere in Africa. This made social conscious actresses like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow to say that they are into wearing non conflict man made diamonds in many of their gala events.

There are numerous reasons why one should go for the man made diamond rather than the mine variety. For one, the price of the mined diamond variety is an illusion. Numerous articles and documentaires have exposed the harsh fact that diamond prices are controlled unfairly by a diamond cartel. There were also studies which found that diamonds sold have been artificially to increase its value. For couples that do not choose a man made diamond, they may pay 70% more. Good lab diamonds are actually indistinguishable with its mined counterpart, but costs considerably less. While there are many manmade diamonds available in the market, unbiased information about them might be of help in choosing one.

One of the oldest yet the best sellers of manmade diamond where you can check to get an engagement ring are the Russian Diamonds. They offer fine selection of jewelry, most of which are mounted on precious metals of high quality. Their diamond simulants typically cost around $280 per carat.

Another good choice of non conflict man made diamonds is that lab-created mineral called Moissanite. This fine jewelry has been in the market since the 90's and has a number of fans. Since it is an alternative to a mined diamond, they are are comparitvely expensive but still cheap as related to real diamonds. Their price per carat starts at around $500. It also has higher brilliance and radiance factor that some may find it too sparkly.

Gemisis creates excellent diamond replicas as well. However, these are not available in the white color which makes it not ideal especially for setting of traditional diamonds. But if you are into pink, orange, or yellow, this is a superb choice. The newest result of the advancement in the technology of manmade diamond is the stones created by Eco Diamonds. They are very close in matching the qualities of mined diamonds. As a result of modern technology, they can be created in a labratory setting, thus reducing the price and a reflection of its true value.

Buying non conflict diamonds offers advantages over its mined counterpart. You can get what you have paid for without being a victim of pricing manipulation. If you are socially concerned, you can have a clear conscience knowing you will not contribute to an abusive and unethical diamond industry. Since there is a wide range of choices with varying quality, take some time to review and have a clear idea of the science of the gemstone of your choice. It would also be a great idea to consult with an expert to make sure you have a clean diamond.


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